About Us



To develop and implement projects by assuming a leading role so as to support all individuals, especially youngsters and adults to attain social, cultural and economic skills the today’s world demands, all the while adopting a community outlook that considers learning an indispensable aspect of life.


To be a leading voluntary organisation at international level that has achieved excellency in terms of supporting everyone to be actively involved in lifelong learning process so that our country can become a campus for learning.


Within lifelong learning perspective; to work on assessing education and learning needs of the population, to support especially youngsters and adults in terms of making up their lack of basic education and acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for today’s world, to foster their social and cultural skills and to develop and implement vocational training programmes and projects so as to ensure they have economic skills.

To achieve our goal;

1.         To carry out needs assessment in a professional sense to identify the community’s education and learning needs,

2.         To develop programmes and projects suitable for education and learning needs within the scope of said efforts,

3.         To conduct and commission scientific research within the framework of lifelong learning,

4.         To work for the benefit of disadvantaged groups, women, the unemployed, the disabled and children,

5.         To develop, manage and be a partner of projects announced by organisations providing international funds such as the European Union and World Bank,

6.         To provide adult trainings, to develop, implement and be partner of projects so as to support capacity building of persons and organisations with a view to develop human resources,

7.         To carry out training and project work aimed at employment,

8.         To conduct all kinds of activities regarding recognition of prior learning and distance education,

9.         To ensure the establishment and operation of a Vocational Certification Centre, a Centre of Excellence and a Skills Testing Centre,

10.       To obtain all kinds of information, documents and publications necessary to achieve the goal; to establish a documentation centre; to issue publications like newspapers, magazines and books in order to announce our activities in addition to issuing working and information bulletins to disseminate among our members.